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TitleHead Custodian (2018-2019 Pool)
Posting ID624

Primary Purpose:

Supervises the campus custodial operations.  Helps and directs routine cleaning and maintenance procedures to maintain a high standard of safety, cleanliness, and efficiency of building operations and grounds as directed by the Environmental Coordinator and campus principal. Documents work schedules and work requests using Maintenance Management System.


Minimum Qualifications


High school diploma or GED equivalent (Recognized by the Texas Education Agency or regional accrediting agency)

Shall be subject to testing for use of alcohol or controlled substance that violate law or federal regulations

Candidate must have satisfactory outcome of fingerprinting background check. Non-refundable fee (approximately $50.00) paid by employee.


Required Experience:

Two (2) years experience in supervising custodial services



  • Ability to read and understand instructions in English for cleaning, maintenance, and safety procedures using the Maintenance Management System
  • Knowledge of minor repair techniques and building and grounds maintenance
  • Ability to communicate effectively with personnel at his or her campus
  • Ability to use personal computer and smart phone
  • Ability to operate cleaning equipment and lift heavy equipment
  • Ability to manage custodial supply inventory
  • Ability to diagnose and resolve problems
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to lift a minimum of fifty (50) pounds
  • Ability to change lighting and ceiling tile

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

(The following statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned and should not be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, efforts, or working conditions that may be assigned or skills that may be required)



The Educators' Code of Ethics is set forth in Texas Administrative Code to provide rules for standard practices and ethical conduct toward students, professional colleagues, school officials, parents, and members of the community. 

  • Rule §247.1 Purpose and Scope; Definitions
  • Rule §247.2 Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Educators 

Organization Management

The Head Custodian manages administrative, fiscal, and facilities functions responsibly through activities such as the following:  

  • Directs, monitors, and documents the work of custodians at assigned campus.
  • Helps establish and administer the campus custodial supplies.
  • Helps screen, select, evaluate, and train custodians.
  • Inspects district buildings and facilities and initiate cleaning and repairs as needed.
  • Maintains school keys on person at all times.
  • Makes assignment changes and arrange for substitute custodians as needed.
  • Makes assignment changes as needed and document using the Maintenance Management System.
  • Coordinates the moving and delivery of district furniture, books, inventory, etc.
  • Directs and assists in setting up facilities for special events.
  • Schedules and supervises summer custodial projects, including cleaning and refinishing floors.
  • Maintains an inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment and order additional supplies as needed.
  • Orders equipment and supplies and maintain accurate records.
  • Moves furniture or equipment on campus as directed by Environmental Coordinator/campus principal.
  • Notifies maintenance department of emergency problems and/or repairs.
  • Oversees procedures for locking, checking, and safeguarding facilities.
  • Checks daily to ensure that all exit doors are working properly during hours of building occupancy. Nightly, ensure that exit doors are locked and security system is armed.

Organization Improvement

The Head Custodian promotes efforts to improve the school or organization through activities such as the following: 

  • Implements and maintains established cleaning schedule that will include cleaning of floors, whiteboards, wastebaskets, air vents and returns, windows, furniture, equipment and restrooms, etc.
  • Makes minor building repairs as needed and report major repair need to the maintenance department using the Maintenance Management System.
  • Keep school building and grounds, including but not limited to sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and play areas, neat and clean.
  • Complies with local laws and procedures for storage and disposal of trash.
  • Inspects machines and equipment for safety and efficiency and maintain documentation.
  • Tests and recommends custodial supplies and equipment to be used.
  • Prepares, implements, and maintains preventive maintenance schedules for custodial equipment.
  • Conducts annual inventory of physical equipment and supplies.
  • Recommends replacement of existing equipment.  

Professional Growth and Development

The Head Custodian provides leadership in professional growth and development through activities such as the following:  

  • Provides training, orientation, and documentation to all custodians in cleaning procedures and proper use of chemicals and equipment.
  • Attends meetings and professional development as required.

Qualities of an Effective Head Custodian

The Head Custodian exhibits qualities such as the following:  

  • Daily attendance and punctuality at work are essential functions of the job.
  • Follows established safety procedures and techniques to perform job duties, including lifting, climbing, etc.
  • Operates tools and equipment according to established safety procedures.
  • Commitment to working well with others and maintain an effective working relationship with co-workers, supervisors, school personnel, and the public.
  • Corrects unsafe conditions in work area and report any conditions that are not correctable to supervisor immediately.
  • Follows guidelines and instructions established by the Environmental Coordinator/campus principal.
  • Complies with District policies, as well as state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Complies with the standards of conduct as set out in Board Policy DH (Legal) and (Local) and with any other policies, regulations, and guidelines that impose duties, requirements, or standards.
  • Accepts responsibility for the efficient operation of the department/area.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the administration.  

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Supervise and direct the work of all custodians on campus.  


Buffer, scrubbers, wet and dry vacuum cleaner, ladders, lifts, electric drill and hand tools, shampooer, mop, broom, computer, telephone, fire extinguisher, two-way radio, and other equipment associated with the position.


Working Conditions

Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

  • Works prolonged or irregular and extended work hours to include holidays and weekends.
  • Able to respond effectively and appropriately with emergency situations and after-hours emergency calls as needed.
  • Works with frequent interruptions.
  • Strenuous walking, standing, climbing, pulling pushing, reaching, heavy lifting and carrying.
  • Works outside and inside, on slippery and uneven walking surfaces, and ladders.
  • Exposure to: temperature extremes, humidity extremes, noise, low or intense illumination, vibration, dust, toxic chemicals and materials, and biological hazards.

The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required. 

Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range$14.00 - 17.18/239 Days / Hourly
LocationDepartment of Maintenance

Applications Accepted

Start Date07/09/2018

Job Contact

NameSteven AlvesTitleDirector of Maintenance